I don’t know what Martin is doing in this scene…but I approve.


I don’t know what Martin is doing in this scene…but I approve.

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♡ Sherlock Is Gay 

No he is not.

♡ wow compelling argument tell me more like at least give me reasons I can crush to pieces and don’t ruin my fun for nothing ♡

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Put him back.

What does it say about me that my primary reaction to drunk!Sherlock is arousal?

that you have eyes

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CRAWLIN BACK TO YOUUUUUUU omfg you're totally right, he's crawling back to sherlock because it's freaking inevitable
- Anonymous


and sherlock is crawling back to john because living without him is killing him

also something i love about this song + johnlock is it’s a mirror song so it works for both of them

do i wanna know if this feeling flows both ways - obvious

sad to see you go, was sort of hoping that you’d stay - sherlock when he finds out about john and mary, john to sherlock after the wedding

baby we both know that the night is mainly made for saying things that we can’t say tomorrow day - obvious hooking up and neither of them can mention it because of mary

crawling back to you - getting together again despite trying not to

ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few? cause i always do - i just like to think about their respective substance abuses here

maybe i’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new - pleaseplapselapsleapsleks ehelp


john is invited to stay with the holmes parents at christmas together with sherlock and mycroft and the morning after christmas they are all in the kitchen for breakfast and the mother exlaims “who has used all the milk again??” and in defense sherlock blurts out “mycroft ate all the cake from yesterday!” and mycroft just looks scandalised at sherlock and yells “sherlock is in love with john!” and sherlock almost dies of emberrassment

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I can’t believe Sherlock and John aren’t real people.

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